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FacePlant Productions is an unincorporated, unorganised, undefined underconstruction multimedia rehearsal studio that some of Vancouver's developing and developed stars call home. Located in scenic East Vancouver (that's Vancouver BC Canada, not Vancouver, Washington!) since 1992, FacePlant has grown from a shared rehearsal space between four bands into a
full-fledged studio for rehearsal, recording, multimedia, promotion, and projects of many shapes and descriptions.FacePlant currently provides practice space for an average of eight to twelve bands, booked on a monthly basis. Membership rates, recording facilities, tape duplication and computer services are also available. The Faceplant Cooperative, brains and brawn behind the operation, are also involved in the production of live shows at various Vancouver Venues.
  Want more information?Want to meet the fine and funky people who make up the FacePlant? Here are three ways to do it: You can wander through the wilds of East Vancouver until you find a nondescript building with crazy sounds coming from within.... and interesting people hanging around... outside........and you may have found FacePlant.
  ....Or, you may have just found yet another phone sex operation! you can email us <mr_e_plant at faceplant.org>........... or go see a band. See the or events area for a list of past and future shows. or Links

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